My Mom, My BFF Appreciation Programme 2016

In conjunction of Mother’s Day, Women World “My Mom, My BFF” event was successfully held in Oakland & Nilai. More than 50 participants, pairs of mothers and daughters attended the Vintage-themed event.

The ladies went through a total make up and hairdo makeover and fashion styling in cheongsam, with the assistance of our professional designers. To ensure that the memories last, there was a photography session where the mom-daughter pairs get to store and capture their beautiful memories together.

Besides that, the ladies had fun in the mini-games lined up by WW for them. This session has definitely enhanced their bonding and relationship. Their understanding among themselves has deepen and grew better. Also a thanksgiving sharing session was held, where the mothers and daughters spoke out about their love to each other.

The ladies were served with scrumptious finger food and refreshment.

A mother’s love is never-ending. Through this event, we hope that the bonding between the mothers and daughters becomes stronger. Thank you to all fabulous moms in the world!


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