Browgenesis service is a semi-permanent eyebrows drawn for you

it can last 2-3 years under the full course package and proper care.
Browgenesis 是一种半永久性的仿真绣眉技术。在妥善的保养下,其效果可以持续长达2-3年。

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This method defines your eyebrow’s shape prominently by adding colour tones to your fair brows, hence giving a new impression to your facial features. Browgenesis Imprexion正符合了印眉的名字,有“印入”及“给予人深刻印象含义,让您的眉毛拥有一个给予人崭新,更完整及犹如上了妆的新印象 (New Impression)印眉的程序是把颜色染在稀疏的眉上,让客户们拥有一个更完整及犹如上了妆地眉毛。

Suitable for those wish to have thicker and fuller brows as this procedure imitates your own real brow by adding hair strokes that gives an illusion of very natural eyebrow hair. Naturale是natural的副词,它有“自然”的意思。Browgenesis Naturale也名为妙眉,利用仿真的技术把眉毛画得根根栩栩如生和立体更自然,让您拥有一根根仿真却如天然生长般的眉毛。

This routine combines both the layering art of toning and strokes to achieve brows with high resemblance to real eyebrows – redefining your looks significantly. Browgenesis Composée正符合了融眉的名字 Composée 法语相等于 Composite “融合”的意思。此程序利用印眉与妙眉的方式,呈现出立体及层次感的眉毛,让你拥有最自然和立体的眉型。

With the skillful maneuver of the eyebrow embroidery machine, the results is quick and almost painless while achieving well-defined brows and elevating your personal charisma. Browgenesis Exquis,韵眉。Exquis 是采用于 Exquisite 的法语名词,有“精致”的意思。由于韵眉是使用电动划笔来勾勒出比较润,精致和形神兼备的眉型,因此您会拥有一副 “快而不飘,重而不板,慢而不滞 ,轻而不浮”的眉毛。